5 Best Casino Destinations in Scotland

If you are a fan of online casinos, then going to casino destinations when traveling is also worth a try. In Scotland, you can find casinos in big cities like Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow. The architecture of the casinos is also extremely attractive.

Alea Casino in Glasgow

Quite surprisingly, Glasgow is home to Scotland’s most famous casino. Casinos here feel like Las Vegas of Scotland. It can accommodate up to nearly 2000 people. This casino has over 17 gaming tables and dozens of gaming machines. In addition, Alea Casino also impresses with open space, which enables you to watch the scenery of the river outside. This is a very special point because casinos usually do not have windows. Not only that, this place also offers other great services like bars, live entertainment, tasty dining, etc. Come and enjoy this wonderful leisure time!

Soul Casino in Aberdeen

As the name implies, this casino offers an extremely sacred atmosphere. The interior is designed as a church with high ceilings, stained glass windows as well as church organ. Therefore, you can get the glamor, elegance and nobility of this casino. It offers a full range of games such as slot machines, 3 poker cards, blackjack, roulette and more.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat in Glasgow

Glasow is exactly Las Vegas of Scotland. Another casino here appears on this list. The betting games here are very diverse, from 3 card poker to blackjack, from roulette to Texas Hold’em and slot machines. In particular, you can enjoy your gaming time as much as possible, then relax with this casino’s amazing dining service. You will be served a lot of delicious dishes such as Belgian waffles covered with chocolate or delicious rib-eye steaks.

Grosvenor Casino, Aberdeen

Another Grosvenor branch is also considered one of the best Scottish casinos. It offers you a wide variety of choices, from playing alone, enjoying with friends to going with business partners.

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