8 Culture Socks When Coming to Scotland to Study

Scottish tone

When I first came to Glasgow, I thought I knew how to speak and understand English at least intermediate. However, it took some time for me to fully understand the intonation spoken in Scotland. However, you should not let this discourage you: in my personal opinion, their intonation is one of the best intonation in the world, and they will always repeat what they have Say if you don’t fully understand the first time. Besides, if you are preparing to enter any university, do not feel scared, because Scottish universities often include international students and professors whose primary language is not must be English, so you will be able to understand whatever your classmates and teachers tell you.

Scottish people are very friendly

If there is one thing anyone can say about Scottish people that they are always willing to help others, it is even more true if you are an international student and not familiar with the city where you are. learn. Scotland welcomes people from all over the world and that friendliness becomes even more if you are studying at any university, because its staff will always be available to answer questions. yours. But not only that: wherever you go, you’ll find help – such as guiding directions, opening a bank account, with a polite smile on each person’s face here.

Scottish culture is everywhere

If you think that when you go to Scotland, you’ll see people wearing Kilts traditional dresses playing bagpipes on the street, you’re right! Try walking around Glasgow or Edinburgh city center and you’ll see such scenes. Or even go to a club and you will see a certain man in the traditional Kilts dress! Another cultural tradition of Scotland is the ‘Ceilidh’ dance, a series of traditional dances while a band plays Gaelic folk music. I personally attended a Ceilidh ball and I can say it’s one of the most memorable experiences in Scotland – don’t worry, if you’re attending a university here, you’ll definitely be invited Come to the prom more than once!


As I said before, the weather in Scotland is usually cold, rainy and windy, but that is not, and should not, prevent anyone from coming to study here! You will get used to the weather conditions in Scotland quickly, and if you come from a sunny country like me, you will be surprised by how people feel really happy here when there is sunshine. The sun appears and the sky becomes warm! When this happens, although it is not too frequent, at least in Glasgow, all city residents will rush to the parks and participate actively in outdoor activities such as playing football and barbecue and relax.

Public transport

If you decide to study in Glasgow, you must know that the traffic there is relatively good, but it depends on the area of ​​the city where you live. For example, Glasgow has a metro, but only two routes and 15 transfer stations, it doesn’t sound like much for a city with more than a million people living there. However, bus routes throughout the city seem to be better organized, and you can call a taxi quickly almost at any time.

Food and drink

Wherever you decide to go to Scotland, there is good food. There are a variety of restaurants, from Scottish, Chinese, Indian, Greek, to Spanish, and, of course, Italian cuisine too: I have never seen many restaurants. Something like that in a city like Glasgow. If you require a diet, you will find many other options such as: for example, many restaurants that provide food do not contain essential dieters, and also many restaurants and pubs. where you can be vegetarian! This is definitely a cultural shock for me, as it is something that does not happen often in Spain like here.

If you want to try one or two glasses of wine, the chance for you is endless. At night, in many pubs you may also find them arranged by topic (for example, pub puzzles, where you can win prizes), and more importantly, live music performances can be Organize almost all days!


In Spain and other countries, it is normal to leave the house around 11 or 12 at night, because clubs are usually closed around 6 or 7 am. Forget it when you’re in Scotland. Usually, one evening here will start at the pub (or at a small party) around 8 pm, go to the club about 12 nights, and stay there until 3 am, when it closes. There are very few exceptions when a club will close at 4 am. So be prepared to adapt to the changes in time, and don’t complain about it too much if you feel uncomfortable, because the owner simply won’t like it!


Scotland is one of the most beautiful places. You will be amazed by the many monuments and landmarks to visit. If you have a chance, go to the Highlands and Islands (especially Skye Island), you will feel like it!

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