A Clock in Edinburgh That Is Never On Time

Located right in the middle of Princes Street, the main street running from the east to the west connecting Leith with the West End, the clock tower on the roof of the Balmoral Hotel always tells the wrong time. Exactly three minutes is always wrong. The story of the clock tower is legendary in Edinburgh, but it is still new to many first-time visitors.

The clock is located in the very center of the city, right between the Old Quarter and New Street, influenced by all business activities as well as life. Of course, except that the hour and minute hands of a watch don’t match the standard GMT time. This is a calculated deviation to help people in the city always on time

This marked abnormality, in fact, was intentional, which was first introduced in 1902. This was the time when this building was opened with the name: North British Station Hotel.

Pushing the clock to three minutes, they thought the passengers would have more time to get their tickets out of their pockets, arrive at the storage area and collect their luggage before the station attendant blew the whistle to let the train leave. Until now, this is still a calculated miscalculation to keep the city on time.

Everyone relies on the error of a watch. The only major change that has occurred over the past 116 years is that the cave was manually wound up until the 1970s, after which it was replaced by electricity. Thus, saying that that watch give wrong time everyday is not right.

On the night of December 31, which the Scots call Hogmanay, the tower will have a special hour. This is where an engineer will be sent to adjust the time to match the actual time. Nowadays, a clock giving the wrong time is something that is considered natural in Edinburgh, because people are used to it.

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