A Scottish Rugby Player Tested Positive for Covid-19

The match for the Six Nations Women’s Rugby League between Scotland and France was postponed after a Scottish athlete tested positive for Covid-19.

According to AFP, the match was planned to take place in Glasgow (Scotland) on 7.3. This decision was made as a result of a Scottish athlete testing positive for Covid-19 today. Seven members of management and the athletes are quarantining themselves on medical advice. The athlete has been admitted to a health care facility. This is the official information shared by the Scottish Rugby Association on 6.3.

Six Nations women’s rugby tournament this year takes place from 3.2 to 15.3 with 6 competitions including: England, France, Italy, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

The Scottish rugby team returned from northern Italy on February 23 after their scheduled match with Italy was postponed. James Robson, Health Director of Rugby Scotland says that they are satisfied that their players are doing well and all the correct medical procedures have been followed and continue to be monitored.

Currently, in Italy, the number of deaths due to Covid-19 has increased sharply and has become the worst affected country in Europe due to the disease. Before that, Italy had discovered 4 professional players in Serie A infected with Covid-19 and dozens of matches were delayed. Most recently, 13 players and employees of the two leading Danish clubs were isolated due to contact with a former player from this country infected with Covid-19.

February also has many other bad news for Scottish sports. Former defender Jackie McNamara had brain surgery after a stroke at home. John Hartson, McNamara’s former teammate at Celtic club, revealed the former defender is fighting to regain his life. On 9/2, McNamara suddenly had a stroke at home, then was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage. Information page of the Scottish team encourages McNamara. It all turned to Jackie and his family. Scottish Football League will be with McNamara. McNamara’s clubs, from Wolverhampton, Aberdeen, Celtic and Dundee United, prayed for the best defender of Scottish football once.

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