Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

Awaken your Gaelic spirit and go back in time at a Scottish heritage festival that you are able to only find in Sunshine State. The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games offers the opportunity to experience Scottish history and culture like it was held centuries ago. This gives you the chance to feel like you’ve escaped […]

Scotland and 2019 World Cup Sadness

The Scottish women’s soccer team left the World Cup after losing to Argentina. It was truly a dramatic game, they seemed to hold their victory in the 70th minute still leading Argentina 3-0. Fans and players seemed to be on the verge of victory, but only five minutes later they were gradually brought to the […]

Curling: Unique Sport from Scotland

In winter sports, in addition to skiing, hockey or figure skating, there is another equally attractive sport: Curling. Curling is a sport that emerged from the 16th century in Scotland. By the 20th century, new ice on ice had specific standards in competition. Football on the ice for men was put into play at the […]