Best Cities to live in Scotland

Best Cities to live in Scotland

Scots are quite loyal to their homelands and based on a survey, a majority of them would never love to live. This is due to numerous reasons. Scotland has amazing green spaces, enhanced health quality services as well as low crime rates.

If you are planning on moving to Scotland, there are numerous options to select from. These range from peaceful county living in the Highlands to the hustle and bustle of the city. Scotland comes with numerous options regardless of your lifestyle and what you are after.

Below are a few of the best cities to live in Scotland


This is the capital of Scotland. It is situated on the Fifth of Fourth’s Southern shore. Residents here have access to everything directly on their doorsteps. There are numerous choices of restaurants, theaters, shops among a host of others at the center of the city.

This city has the second massive train station in the UK as well as an international airport. The transport system connects the city to the remainder of Scotland and UK. As regards potential for employment, Edinburgh has the largest percentage of UK professionals. The major industries include Tourism, financial services, and higher education.


This is a city situated on the Fifth of Tay’s northern bank. Residents of this city are some of the happiest individuals in Scotland based on the way their homes and town is decorated. Dundee has numerous attractions, some of which consist of a print studio, two art galleries among a host of others.

As a result of its location, you can easily access Dundee from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Its major train station connects to a majority of the UK and a bus service frequently goes out and around the city.  The economy of this city is majorly supported by jobs in medicine, research, and healthcare. It is also a crucial retail destination.


This city is called the Highland Capital. For two years in a row, it has been voted as the happiest location in Scotland to live.  There are a host of tourist attractions in this city and an art gallery and museum which residents can enjoy. Many of the standard sectors like farming and distilling have been overtaken by high-tech businesses like health science, manufacturing as well as design. A major employer for this sector is the Scottish Natural Heritage. It is definitely a great city to live in.

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