Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

Awaken your Gaelic spirit and go back in time at a Scottish heritage festival that you are able to only find in Sunshine State. The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games offers the opportunity to experience Scottish history and culture like it was held centuries ago. This gives you the chance to feel like you’ve escaped to Scotland for a day.

The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games are held annually on the third weekend in January at Central Winds Park in Winter Springs, Fla. This event is organized by the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida. Currently, you can see many festivals including sports challenges, authentic food, and traditional music and dance.

With athletics, brave boys and girls can test their strength and endurance. The athletics competition is divided into seven events as follows: hammer throwing, caber toss, and stone put challenges. Alternatively, you can choose to participate in throwing axes or archery. In particular, the most impressive event for tourists is the Boulder Boogie contest, where stout Scottish men and women see who can haul the heavy rocks the farthest distance.

When you’re not challenging, enjoy whiskey or sweet flavors at the Scottish bread and scones competition. The sound of drumming echoes everywhere. The highland dance competition takes place during the two-day event. You also get the chance to see sheep dogs winning prizes in hunting or demonstration competitions.

This festival makes you feel like you are a true Scottish in just one day. Therefore, it is not surprising that you have the opportunity to dig a little deeper and explore Scottish heritage and origins. The festival has a support staff whenever you need help anytime, anywhere.

Aside from sports, music is also one of the prominent elements in the festival of Central Florida Scottish Highland Games. You don’t have to travel to Scotland to experience an authentic Central Highlands festival.

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