Coffee Micro Roasteries in Scotland

If you want it done properly, it is always best to do it yourself. You get to control the process, take quick action when it does go wrong, take the blame and still ensure that the end result is simply magnificent. It is the logic that two mini-roasteries belief in, it is the applying of logic to the perfection and artform of coffee that puts Scotland on the coffee-connoisseurs map.

Coffee is one of the most enjoyed beverages in any country around the world, but when it comes to the chilly weather in Scotland you need a very special kind of coffee-indulgence, the two main roasteries that keeps coffee delicious in the country share their secrets.

Fortitude Coffee

Fortitude Coffee’s Matt Carroll feels taking charge offers two-fold benefits, you are the one that knows where all the ingredients and everything else comes from plus you also have a lot more control and it makes it just so much easier to seer towards that final cup of coffee perfection. It is complete traceability from the farm down to the first drop of coffee into the cup that guarantees success.

Customers at this roastery have access to the full history of where every drop comes from, the journey it took to get there and then the enjoyment of enjoying every last drop in Edinburgh. Visitors from all over the world enjoy a unique cup of coffee here since this is one place where every coffee is tailor made to suit different types of coffee enthusiast and Carroll and his team of expert’s love exploring when it comes to roasting.

One due that have won the coffee hearts of both locals, national coffee enthusiasts and that of international travellers are Johnson and Williams. Based in Leith, Todd Johnson was eager to share his wonderful secret with us, he said the idea of roasting their own was what inspired their venture, and at first, they worked together at one of the branches of Artisan Roast, known as the coffee legend, locally. After working in Melbourne’s hotspot, Market Lane roasters, Johnson returned to Edinburgh, and he and Zack bought a coffee roaster.

Coffee Served in Scotland

Crown in Brazil, Asia, Africa, and America, coffee is imported to Scotland, and Fortitude prefers getting their unroasted, green coffee beans from South & Central America as well as Africa. The small roasteries in Scotland offer both individuality and creativity, and their master blends offer some of the best-tasting coffees in the world.

There is always something different or new to try as the coffee connoisseurs believe no two roasts are the same. Johnson at Williams & Johnson says they aim to offer a roast with sweetness in mind, they roast gently to ensure the coffee has a zesty delicate as well as fruity, floral flavour profile. So, if your next trip is to Scotland, why not try either one or even both of these unique roasts by Johnson & William or Fortitude Coffee?

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