Curling: Unique Sport from Scotland

In winter sports, in addition to skiing, hockey or figure skating, there is another equally attractive sport: Curling.

Curling is a sport that emerged from the 16th century in Scotland. By the 20th century, new ice on ice had specific standards in competition. Football on the ice for men was put into play at the Olympic Festival since 1924.

A lot of people thought that curling on ice that new sports appear. This is a misconception. Curling is one of the oldest games. The stone found at the bottom of Scottish lakes has a shape and weight that is consistent with curling that confirms this. On the stone tablet engraved in 1511, it is now considered the birth year of the game. And the first time this sport was present at the Olympics was in 1924 at Chamonix. But it was not until the Nagano 1998 Olympics that the ice ball was brought back into the official games of the Winter Olympics.

EDMONTON, ALTA.: DECEMBER 6, 2009 — during opening ceremonies for the Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings Canadian Olympic Curling Trails in Edmonton on December 6, 2009. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).

Curling seems simple and easy to play but not so. This is also a sport that combines both personal and team elements, as well as strategies to be able to win, so it is also known as ice chess.

Curling is competed within the scope of a rectangular ice rink 42.06m long, 4.75m wide, similar to the bowling floor of Bowling. At the ends of the ice rink there are two outer blue circles, white border, red border and white center with 1.83m, 1.22m, 0,61m and 0.15m turns, respectively.

The players of the two teams will stand at the top of the field called “Hack” to throw a weight at the center of the “house” circle on the other side of the field. “Hack” is two points connecting the median along the length and dividing the ice field into two equal parts according to the following graph: The dumbbell used in Curling called “Stone” is a circular stone of about 20kg, with handles attached on the top for the players to lift weights and throw on the ice.

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