Distinct places to stay in Scotland

Distinct places to stay in Scotland

With numerous buildings centuries of years old, country houses and well as castles that have been transformed into amazing holiday properties, you will locate lots of distinct places in Scotland to stay.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at some interesting options for accommodation that come alongside histories that are certain to intrigue you and your loved ones.

These unique places will take you back to ancient times as they are the kinds of accommodation you would be unable to come across anywhere else.

A historic broch or Blackhouse

If you enjoy the thought of living in a location that has deep Scottish links and thick stone walls, staying in a standard blackhouse is a great choice. A blackhouse is a dwelling constructed with stone and has a thatched roof.  It will certainly ensure your stay is unique.

The Gearrannan Blackhouse Village is located on the Isle of Lewis. It goes as far back as the 1800s and comes alongside one massive bunkhouse and three ancient blackhouse cottages to select from.

Additionally, with their visible stone walls, recent broch properties get their design from ancient broch structures but filled with the comfort you can only get in a home. It is definitely worth trying out.

A magnificent castle

If you enjoy staying in a location that is quite dramatic, then a historic Scottish castle would do the trick. If you are in search of a great one, the Inverlochy Castle Hotel is an ideal choice. It was constructed in 1863 and is located close to Fort William on the mountainous west coast of Scotland. It is located in amazing plush grounds close to its personal private loch.

Lots of Castles in Scotland have clan connection. So if you are a part of a historic Scottish clan, you might have the capacity to live in one of the ancient strongholds of your ancestors.

Traditional Inn

If hearty meals, warm log fires, and on-site pubs are more your specs, then staying in a traditional Scottish inn would be a great choice for you.

Inns are filled up with memorable history and are dated as far back as when individuals utilized stagecoaches drawn by horses to get around. These traditional watering holes were well-known stopping locations for travelers as they went across the country. Till date, you are certain to locate inns situated in some of the most beautiful locations in Scotland.

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