Hogmanay – New year festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Well-known as the world’s most celebrating New Year festival, Hogmanay is not only organized for Scottish people but also invites everyone in the world to join.
For Scottish people, the new year is always a special occasion than Christmas. And most of the people here have made it known to the world through the Hogmanay fire festival – the New Year’s celebration in Edinburgh. The people of this country have long been used to dumping on the street on the last day of December 31 to celebrate the new year and to drink together.

In 1993, the city of Edinburgh had the idea to organize some live music events and performances in Princes St Street to celebrate the new year, and to send invitations to welcome people everywhere to attend. Thus, within a few days, Hogmanay became the most famous New Year festival in the world and is also the largest winter festival in Europe with the number of visitors up to 250,000.
Hogmanay festival begins on December 29th with a spectacular parade. The marchers will carry torches and walk along the Royal Mile Road to Calton Hill to burn the model of a Viking boat set here. The next night, December 30, is known as “The Night Before” is a vibrant street arts and music festival. The New Year’s Eve was impressive when Hogmanay became a real banquet on all streets in Edinburgh. People dance, sing, drink and wear traditional dresses to welcome the new year.
On New Year’s Day, visitors will also be able to enjoy many interesting events such as the Dogmanay competition – a dog-controlled ski competition at Holyrood Park or gather in the frozen waters of the Forth River with Fancy dresses. Festival attendees can also challenge themselves to a triathlon or a 1.6 km brisk walk at 1 o’clock on the Royal Mile.

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