Isle of Skye Scotland – beautiful pristine tourist destination

The Scottish island of Skye, after the Vikings meaning “cloud island,” in Gaelic it means “island of the wings”. Skye Island in Scotland is covered with fog all year round, so it is also called “fog island”. Skye’s pristine beauty is its natural atmosphere, romantic mountain landscapes and green valleys, caves, beautiful waterfalls and sandy beaches, which you can admire all the This landscape stands on the Trotternish peninsula. On the south side of the island, there are pristine oak forests interspersed with birch …

Coming here, visitors cannot help being impressed by the beautiful scenery of the high cliffs facing the sea. 64 million years ago, this place had a volcanic eruption that formed many geological layers. This is a place where tourists are interested in the top and choose to visit to admire the majestic scenery, magnificent of the island of Skye Scotland.

One of the spectacular views on this island is the beautiful cliffs facing the sea, on the surface of brown cliffs derived from sandstone, while the body of the cliffs are columns. basalt 90m high, formed brown stripes running down and divided into two layers like a beautiful pleated skirt. That is why this cliff is called the “stone dress”. This is considered the most fascinating geological area on the Scottish island of Skye dating from the Jurassic era, about 150 million years ago.

Not only that, the Mealt waterfall 100 meters high down the cliff is also a beautiful scenery that no camera can fully describe its beauty. This is a famous place for visitors to immerse themselves in the clear blue water of the lake or take a rest after walking around the island.

Sometimes this falls are called “Skirts Falls”, after the sandstone cliffs. This is a famous place, marked on the geographical map as “Mui Dem”. Many Skye Island visits often stop here after strolling around the Trotternish peninsula. In clear weather one can see Lewis Island and even mainland Scotland standing on the Trotternish Peninsula.

 In addition to the beautiful natural landscape and additional audio elements, the ancient cliffs like tube skirts located on the second largest island of Scotland also emit an enchanting sound. The cliffs have deep, deep valleys that extend like a pipeline system with the sea facing side so that winds can get in there easily. When a strong wind blows through, it crept into the pipe system and the cracks that emitted a sound reverberated around the area. Like a disguised musical instrument that emits a strange kind of sound, sometimes the bar is quiet.

 Portree port city – tourist center of the island of Skye
In addition to the breathtaking views of nature, the Scottish island of Skye has a small port town called Portree in the heart of the island. This lovely city of Portree is a tourist center that attracts a lot of tourists, with buildings impressing by vivid colors, shops close together … along with the warmth, friendliness of citizen.

Portree port city is considered as the tourist center of the island of Skye, with a population of only 2,000 people. Every trip around the island departs here. Every year, around 40,000 tourists visit the island of Skye and the most popular hiking trails around the area and exploring the area around Mount Quiraing are also one of the most interesting. .

On Quiraing Mountain, people will see firsthand the spectacular natural paintings of the island of Skye. The lush green hills cover quite soft vegetation, in a velvety green color like covered with velvet.

 If you have the opportunity to travel to England, visit the Scottish island of Skye, this is a special place for those who love the beauty of nature.

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