Mysterious things about Scotland – The most beautiful land in the world

  1. Pristine beach
    Scotland is famous throughout the UK as well as in the world thanks to pristine beaches rated as the most beautiful in England. Bringing in wild beauty, the beaches here are usually quieter, softer than the beaches in the South. The coastline of Lewis Island and Harris Island possesses many white sand beaches like the Caribbean.
  2. Watch the magical aurora
    Aurora is an amazing natural phenomenon, rated as one of the most beautiful marvels of nature, often appearing only in the two polar regions of the Earth. Coming to North Scotland you will see this phenomenon because this is the area that often appears the most miraculous light.
  3. Impressive cliffs
    The beauty of Scotland is made up of wild and majestic landscapes. Here you will see the sandstone cliffs that contribute to the beauty of this land
  4. Great mountain
    Besides the beautiful beaches, magical aurora or steep cliffs are majestic mountains. In it, the highest mountains are all high from 900m called “munros”, attracting many tourists and climbers to come here to experience and admire the spectacular scenery of Scotland from the peaks. Ben Nevis mountain is the highest mountain here with a height of up to 1,346 meters.
  5. Picturesque villages
    Scotland is not only beautiful by the majestic natural scenery, or magical phenomena but also beautiful in the village here. The houses running along the coast away from the noisy streets with eye-catching colors as if built to combine with nature here create a dream scene.
  6. Green valley
    The green valleys are also part of the ecstatic beauty of Scotland, the valleys here formed from the ice age. Inside the valley is a winding clear river and pristine trees.
  7. Peaceful lakes
    The peaceful lakes are also an indispensable part in Scotland, the lakes seem to be only in fairy tales. Lake water in the color of jade, looking down to the bottom. With 31,000 lakes scattered throughout Scotland, you can easily see picturesque lakes located just below the foothills, or right next to small villages.
  8. Famous landmarks
    Referring to Scotland, you will think of famous places of this land. Ancient Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness Lake are names that can’t be ignored when we talk about Scotland. Loch Ness Lake is most talked about with the legend of “Loch Ness Monster” and countless mysterious rumors.

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