Brief History of Scotland

Similar to lots of other countries around the world, the history of Scotland is filled with lots of violence. With its citizens living together for centuries as a united kingdom, there have been lots of battles with some ending in victory while others in bitter loses. It is difficult to have historians agree on some […]


Scotland so far is one of the most beautiful in the UK with over 800 islands and terrains. Tourist all over the world to experience what the Scottish culture feels like and in the end, they always appreciate it. The country is an abode of mystic creatures such as the legendary the Loch Ness monster, […]

Food to try out in Scotland

Fresh produce is available in large quantities in Scotland which is also popular for its excellent dishes. Here we take a look at how some of the popular recipes from the country are made. Shortbread Everyone is quite familiar with Shortbread with the Scottish having it as an option for dessert for centuries. The first […]

Places to visit in Scotland

Although the country is relatively small, Scotland is filled with legends which leaves a lasting impression on any visitor that comes into the country. An estimated 32 million visitors made it to the country just last year alone. When you factor in the availability of tourist sights and attractions which are available in the country, […]

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