Places to visit in Scotland

Places to visit in ScotlandAlthough the country is relatively small, Scotland is filled with legends which leaves a lasting impression on any visitor that comes into the country. An estimated 32 million visitors made it to the country just last year alone. When you factor in the availability of tourist sights and attractions which are available in the country, this number is not surprising.  Scotland offers a view of ruins, museum, old film sets, galleries, as well as a large expanse of green scenery for its visitors to enjoy. Below are some great spots to visit when in the country.

One of the main attractions in Scotland is the Edinburgh Castle. This is the realistic depiction of Scottish architecture with the castle site on the top of a volcano which has been inactive for years. This location makes it possible for people to see the castle from miles away regardless of the direction where they are viewing it from. There is a total of seven hills along with towns which surround the castle. The castle stands as a symbol of independence through periods of perseverance and struggle by the Scottish people. The castle has also been of service to the Scottish army as a base during their significant battles for coming up with important war strategies.

Standing at 1344 meters higher than Fort William, the mountain Ben Nevis serves as the tallest peak in Scotland. This mountain has become an important location for tourists and people going on walks or hiking. The guest number more than 125,000 for each year. The north side of the mountain offers a cliff 700-meter high for mountain climbers while those looking to get an excellent view of Scotland can have a view of the Grampian Mountains all the way to the Atlantic Coast when they stand on the mountain.

Another area which attracts a lot of people in the city of Perth. The city lies along the Tay banks with an excellent arrangement while the Scone palace is also close by on the city outskirts. The city of Perth has a parkland around the center of the city which makes it very habitable regardless of age. The Scone Palace is a very luxurious area which also attracts a lot of attention.

The city of Perth is also very close to Edinburgh and Glasgow and includes some of the best restaurants, galleries, and beautiful architecture.

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