Scotland: A Perfect Vacation Destination for Golf

Many people thought that this sport originated from Scotland. Golf was born in the 15th century and the sport was spread throughout Scotland. Currently in this country there are many golf courses with the most poetic and modern beauty in Europe. Therefore, this country is an ideal destination for golf lovers.

Firstly, it is clear that golf emerges from Scotland. The Scots of that day played golf in a basic way: holding a stick, hitting the ball, putting the ball from the starting point to the end with the least number of strokes possible. That game started at least around the mid-15th century.

At least there are documents to prove it. It was the King James II of Scotland who banned the banning of golf and football in 1457. These games, according to him, have caused archers to neglect their practice. King James III in 1471 and James IV in 1491 also re-issued a ban on golf.

However, golf continued to develop in Scotland over the decades and centuries, until the first golf laws were drafted in the capital of Edinburgh in 1744.

However, it is impossible to say that the Scottish invented golf because there is a lot of evidence that the Sctoland people were influenced by the original version of some similar golf games. “Golf” is derived from “golve” or “goff” in ancient Scottish language, but in the old Dutch language there is also the word “kolf”. The Dutch played this game mainly on the ice rink at least since the 14th century.

But anyway, no one definitely removed Scotland’s position from golf history. Especially when they have made an especially important improvement over all similar games in other countries: digging a hole in the field and making the ball into the hole become the main goal.

So Scotland is an ideal destination for those who love this sport. The golf system in this country is extremely diverse. Musselburg Links, the world’s oldest gold yard, is also located in Scotland. Scotland’s most modern golf course is Rowallan Castle Golf Club. Come here to experience the feeling of playing golf on the very beginning of this sport!

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