Scotland and 2019 World Cup Sadness

The Scottish women’s soccer team left the World Cup after losing to Argentina. It was truly a dramatic game, they seemed to hold their victory in the 70th minute still leading Argentina 3-0. Fans and players seemed to be on the verge of victory, but only five minutes later they were gradually brought to the brink of disaster – eliminated from the World Cup.

Rejoice in the victory, the Scottish team accidentally dropped his achievements earlier. Only a mere 20 minutes at the end of the match, they were overturned by Argentina, mastering the game until the last minute of injury time. Just 5 minutes after being 3-0 down, Menéndez received the ball in the penalty area and gently slotted the gap to 3-1. And continued 5 minutes later, when the Scottish goalkeeper made a mistake in the save of midfielder Bonsegundo’s shot, causing the ball to smash the crossbar and bounce to the goalkeeper and into the net.

In extra time, Alexander thought she saved Scotland with a save from Florencia Bonsegundo’s shot. However, Scotland did not celebrate, the referee signaled to re-execute the penalty discovered by VAR and determined that Lee Alexander goalkeeper broke the law when the opponent had not touched the ball. Second chance for Bonsegundo, and this time she did not let the Argentina team and fans disappointed when the ball into the net successfully brought a draw.

Kim Little, Jenny Beattie and Erin Cuthbert should be famous in this match. However, the Scottish players dropped the victory painfully. The two teams cried on the field because the game was so unexpected. And maybe goalkeeper Lee Alexander will not be bored because she thinks that except for a failed penalty, the ball that hits her into the net becomes an own goal.

This is not a defeat caused by the Scottish team not playing well. It was only due to the strong breakthrough of the opponent in the last minutes. Perhaps it was an unhappy moment for Scotland in this World Cup season. Because maybe they had the opportunity to come closer to what they dreamed of. Now all that remains with them and their fans is infinite frustration and sadness.

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