Scottish Beers

When in Scottish territory you join in and enjoy the best beers, including from Orkney to Galashiels, and discover the taste of the innovative and new breweries that continue to pop up all over the country.

According to an old saying, Scottish folks have whisky running through their veins, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy some of the best beers in the world. No matter the part of the Scottish country you visit there is always a fine list of local ales you should try. New and innovative breweries open at a rapid rate in Scotland, as it also is with the rest of the United Kingdom. So, while everyone else is making a list of the must-see attractions, you could make a list of your own of which beers to try when you visit the pub-packed streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Here are a few suggestions for you must-taste list that is bound to send your taste-buds to great-flavour heaven.

JARL, Fyne Ales – 3.8%

Loch Fyne is a local beer, and its name refers to the ‘Loch of the vine’ famous for oyster farms. Yet, let’s keep focused for now on the local beer you should taste. Fyne Ales uses the freshness of the plentiful rain in Scotland to brew a superb tasting real ale still keeping the alcohol strengths sensible, and the most celebrated creation is Jarl. Hopped from Citra, JARL is a light beer that comes packed with a burst of citrus flavour freshness and grassy, dry bitterness, which gradually shape throughout drinking. So, when in Scottish territory ditch the chardonnay it is indeed time to enjoy beer served with shellfish.

Wolf, Windswept, 6%

Wolf is a dark, strong Scottish ale, and this heady brew is thick and loaded with sweet toasted malts as well as muted bitterness. The straight-to-head booziness and rich dried fruit flavours make it a winter warmer phenomenon, so it is a bit of heat you desire to try out the Wolf and maybe add a hint of habanero chillies.

Deuchars, Caledonian, 4.4%

Deuchars IPA was the drink breweries were keen to imitate long before the term craft ale became a confusing and overused term. It’s distinctive bready malt flavour, and husky taste offers some bitterness, while its high tropical notes offer a floral, light flourish classic to the masterful British brewing’s.

Elvis Juice, BrewDog, 6.5%

It’s difficult to only add one of the BrewDog’s ranges of excellent beers, but the Elvis Juice might be the one you enjoy most, it is one of the most popular of the grapefruit-infused beers and can be enjoyed in the cheerful Scottish pub environment or bought at supermarkets. Its solid malt based accentuated by the bitter grapefruit tones offers a sense of zesty assault, and if you wish to enjoy one of the latest fruit-enhanced beers, then this could be the nicest way to enjoy your entrance into the new contemporary fruity flavours.

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