The Best Beauty Brands from Scotland

Scotland is undeniably a gorgeous country, but in terms of Scottish beauty, we are not referring to its heather, glens, hills, or any other spectacular scenery it provides. We are talking about beauty brands, and Scotland has a wealth of it which are created within the country itself. From the city of Glasgow to the far north, here are some of the best beauty products available in Scotland.

The Beauty Kitchen

Situated on the Saltmarket of Glasgow, the Beauty Kitchen was established by Jo-Anne Chidley, one of the youngest bee-keepers in Scotland, who is also a qualified herbal botanist. He passion was to create a beauty brand that made 100% natural, affordable, and effective products while also using local ingredients as well as recycled or pre-cycled packaging. Within five years after opening her doors, her business was thriving, and her products managed to launch into several Holland & Barret stores across the nation.

Skin Guru

Kirsty Hume, the Scottish supermodel, is a huge fan of Skin Guru that is situated in Glasgow. Launched in 2013, the beauty brand was established by Lorraine Harkins who is a holistic therapist and aromatherapist. Before the company was established, Lorraine’s friends and family used to call her Skin Guru which seemed only natural to call the company the same. Each of the products in her shop are based on aromatherapy ethics and is mostly organic as well as completely natural.

Arran Aromatics

Established in 1989 around the kitchen table of their beautiful cottage in the Isle of Arran, Iain and Janet Russel transformed a small business that sold body creams and soaps into a well-established brand that is now available around the world. After the Rain is the best selling brand from the enormous collection of Arran Aromatics and it took Janet a long time to formulate the fragrance that was eventually loved by everyone in 2000.


Ermana can be considered the new kids on the block when it comes to Scottish beauty products. Launched in 2015 by James and Claire Twigge-Molecey, they spend years creating their own skin care products and started off blending oils for their family and friends. After years of experimenting, the company eventually took off and is now a well-established business in Scotland. Every product is handmade in Glasgow and is made from a blend of botanical and natural ingredients. Their Comfort Balm with ylang ylang, geranium, and lavender is a multi-purpose product for mind, body, and face.

The Tru Brand

SaraJane Lynch initially started The Tru Brand company due to the fact that she was bothered by eczema-suffering skin and the high maintenance that it required. Nothing on the market seemed to work for her skin, and therefore she set out to create her own beauty products. She started her journey by obtaining a qualification in Beauty Therapy and also went on to get a Business degree. Her current brands include a moisturiser, a tonic, and a cleaner which she believes is all needed to enjoy a clear and beautiful skin.

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