The Land with Unique Features

Famous for the image of men wearing skirts, Scotland has long attracted tourists not only by natural beauty but also many cultural features.

The combination of tourism and politics

Scotland has many tourist destinations as typical political works. A typical example is the Holyrood palace in Edinburgh, which hosts major events and the Scottish Parliament building.
Every year, this project welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. The palace tour is quite diverse, from meeting rooms, gathering laws and policies to art exhibitions.

Favorite food is not Scottish food

Haggis (heart, liver, lung, kidney, lamb fat cooked with onion, oatmeal) is a famous specialty of Scotland. However, indigenous people do not like these dishes.

Multicultural city – Glasgow is home to thousands of Asians, Italians and Eastern Europeans settling in the last century. South Asian cuisine brings here very characteristic curry and has become one of the Scottish favorite food.

In Glasgow, visitors can find the best curry restaurants in the country. For example, Mister Singh, which serves Indian and Scottish dishes such as haggis and potato curry.

Favorite drink is Irn Bru

Whiskey is a famous drink, most exported in Scotland. There are wine factories located throughout the islands, plateaus and lowlands. Guests are invited to many sightseeing tours, learn and enjoy free wine.

However, this is not a favorite drink of indigenous people. The majority of Scottish people prefer Irn Bru – a carbonated drink from Barrs, which helps reduce fatigue symptoms for people who drink alcoholic beverages.

Beautiful railway routes

The famous Harry Potter film with a steamboat takes students to Hogwarts magic school through beautiful countryside set here. The image is most impressive when the train runs through the Glenfinnan viaduct on West Highland route, from Fort William to Mallaig.
In addition to admiring the magnificent beauty of Scotland nature, railway is also an easy and cheap way to travel for visitors. You will get a 4-day excursion by train, ferry, bus or car when buying ScotRail tickets directly or via the Scottish railway company website. In addition, children are eligible for tickets to popular tourist destinations.

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