The most amazing Scottish sports that are worthy of the Olympics (part 1)

What would a Scottish Olympics look like? Here are some amazing sports that might make an appearance in a uniquely Scottish Olympic games…


Scotland’s largest mountains, each measuring over a lofty 3000 ft, are the perfect place to channel your inner endurance athlete and push your fitness to the limit. There are 282 to choose from, so start now and make your way to the top ahead of the rest of the field!


During the Games, a solid team effort is absolutely essential and one sport which requires gritty determination and togetherness is shinty. A sport that has been played in the Highlands for many generations, it is not for the faint-hearted and is even thought to originate from warriors training for battle.

Stone Skimming

A sport that combines precision, skill and aim, you can start honing your skills on the lochs, rivers and coastlines of Scotland. The World Stone Skimming Championships are always a hotly-anticipated event, held every year on the last Sunday in September in Easdale Island, near Oban. See if you can skim your way onto the podium and win a coveted medal made from locally-sourced slate.

The Ba’ Game

Football may already be an Olympic sport, but in Orkney, the rules are a little different. The Kirkwall Ba’ is a high-octane football game played out on the streets of the Orkney capital every festive season, on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Starting in Broad Street, two teams challenge each other for possession of the coveted ba’, a hand-made leather ball filled with cork. The goals are on opposite ends of the town and the first team to touch their goal with the ba’ wins.

Highland dancing

Watching the gymnastics at this year’s Olympic Games has been truly mesmerising, and we think Highland dancing comes pretty close with its enticing combination of poise, rhythm and stamina. Whether it’s the Highland Fling or the Sword Dance, you can watch intricate dances performed at several Highland games across the country, by dancers from all over the world.

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