The most amazing Scottish sports that are worthy of the Olympics (part 2)

Caber toss

Caber toss is a sport which is slightly reminiscent of the javelin. It is also another show of sheer strength. The rule of the game is simple: players launch heavy and huge wooden cabers up into the air so that they turn end over end. The key difference between caber toss and other Olympic sports is that the distance the caber is thrown is irrelevant and competitors have to wear a kilt at all times.

Tug O’ war

The tug o’ war has been played for centuries as a handy way to settle any decision or argument. Each game features two teams that are pitted against each other to try to haul a piece of rope in opposite directions. It is a real highlight of any Highland games, but it was also a sport in the Summer Olympic Games from 1900 to 1920.

Porridge making

Olympic athletes always need to follow a healthy diet in order to perform to their fullest potential. And for Scottish people, porridge is a nutritious, balanced lifestyle of their choice since it is bursting with satisfying oaty breakfast goodness. There is a fun fact that the art of porridge making is considered as a sport and every autumn, the Highland village of Carrbridge welcomes competitors from around the world to test their prowess in the kitchen with hope of winning the legendary ‘golden spurtle’.

Haggis hurling

Haggis is another absolutely delicious dish, but have you also known that Scotland’s national dish can be a special Scottish sport? The rule of the sport is very simple: Who hurls the haggis the furthest, wins. Competitors prepare for the competition by trying the traditional dish in some of Scotland’s restaurants.

If you are looking for a uniquely Scottish sport to watch this summer, there are many more Highland games taking place across the country until the end of September.

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