The Shortest Street in The World in Scotland

Ebenezer Place in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, is recognized as the shortest road in the world with a length of over 2 m.

Located in the north of England with an area and a modest population, Scotland is an ideal destination for travelers who love to travel Europe. In addition to famous addresses such as Edinburgh castle or Skye island, Glasgow, you can visit Ebenezer Place, the shortest street in the world.

Located in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, this trail was recognized by Guinness as the shortest road in the world in November 2006. With a length of over 2 m, Ebenezer Place has surpassed the previous record of Elgin Street (over 5 m) in Bacup, Lancashire, England.

Because of the short length, there is no room for many houses, the road only owns one address. This is the front door location of the Mackays Hotel. This hotel has other facades on Union and River streets. The main entrance to the hotel is located on Union Street.

The road appeared in 1883 when Alexander Sinclair who owned the Mackays Hotel returned to Scotland from the United States with a considerable fortune. During the construction of the hotel at the Union and River crossroads in Wick, Alexander Sinclair was asked by the town council to print the name on the shortest part of the hotel. The shortest path in the world is formed from there.

Ebenezer Place was initially unnoticed until Murray Lamont, Mackays’ manager, did some research and started the long process to make Guinness a record to recognize the existence of the world’s smallest road.

Craig Glenday, Guinness record representative, declared Ebenezer Place the world’s shortest street after an hour in Wick. This road is located near famous attractions in the area such as the village of John O’Grady or the Wick train station.

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