Things to Know Before Visiting Scotland

Scotland is a country with lots of interesting things for you to explore. Knowing the following before traveling to this country will help you have a perfect trip.


“Four seasons in a day” is the type of weather you should keep in mind when planning your trip to Scotland. The more you go to the east, the cooler and drier the weather is. However, you also cannot know in advance what will happen. The best advice for you is to be prepared for all kinds of weather that can happen on your journey.


Flies and other insects often appear most in the summer on the west coast and the Scottish highlands. This is also the time when the number of tourists coming to Scotland is the largest. They are usually active at dusk so be careful to cover up as much as possible.

Scottish, British Union, but absolutely not English

If you hope to make friends with locals, then you absolutely remember not calling them English. Like Canadians and Americans, Scottish and English border people so they often get confused with each other. British share all citizens with nationalities of the United Kingdom including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is an acceptable alternative to Scotland.

Should reservations be made or not?

You can only easily change the schedule according to your wishes or the weather if not during the peak tourist season here (from June to August). Especially if you want to join the Edinburgh festival, you need to put everything as soon as possible.

Glasgow or Edinburgh?

Of course you should go to both. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, often much higher than Glasgow. However, each city has a distinct beauty and gives visitors the opportunity to experience different life, culture, and customs. Therefore, it is a pity if you choose only one of these two cities.

Should we go all the rest of Scotland?

Scotland looks quite small on the map but you don’t try to go everywhere. You can go from the North Pole to the British border in just 7 hours. However, focusing only on a few specific locations will help you to understand more deeply about Scotland and of course you feel more relaxed during your vacation.

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